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Gas, bloating, a laxative effect.  Are these the things you might expect when using a healthy sweetener?  Unfortunately I have had to break the news to several clients with a sweet tooth who thought they were doing themselves a favor by replacing overindulgence in sugar with overindulgence in a healthier sweetener – erythritol. 

Yes, erythritol is natural – it is an alcohol sugar.  Yes, erythritol has less impact on blood sugar.  Unfortunately, as my sweet tooth clients have discovered, it creates digestive issues for many people. 

What is the best natural sugar substitute.  I found this article which discusses the best sugar substitute options.  

Bottom line: real food in its real form is best and those sweet taste buds can be retrained by decreasing sugary foods.  People report to me all the time that food they used to eat now tastes too sweet.  Now, that’s “healthy” we can embrace.  

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