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I have to admit I am proud I was never a butter hater, even back in the 1980’s when anything with cholesterol was vilified.  Eggs and butter come from nature so they have to be good, right?  As for heart disease and cholesterol, those recommendations were made without scientific proof and time has shown us that processed foods and sugar are really the worse culprits for raising cholesterol above healthy limits.

Butter has butyric acid, which helps feed the cells of the colon, and if the colon is happy so is the rest of us.    Eating indigestible fiber like whole grains and legumes (beans, lentils, peas, peanuts) also help feed the colon, but butter is better (try saying that 10 times!).  

Butter from pasture fed cows is also high in vitamin K2, a seldom talked about nutrient.  Vitamin K2 helps take calcium and put it in the tissues that need it, like the bones, and limits the calcium in the arteries where it contributes to coronary heart disease.  

On the down side (there is always a down side isn’t there?).  Butter is high in calories, so put it in the “eat in moderation” category.  

P.S.  Julia Child and I also share another connection besides butter.  I was recently inducted into Les Dames D’Escoffier, a society of professional women involved in the food, wine, and hospitality industries of which Julia Child was a member.  I wonder what advice Julia would give to the current kale generation?