All coaching session are done remote via phone or online.  To schedule a complimentary consultation please click the link below or contact me at:


Schedule Complimentary Get Acquainted Session


Change is scary and we (myself included) tend to resist change. Perhaps you have failed in the past and/or have lots of reasons why you are happy with what you are currently doing – those fattening foods DO taste good.   Unfortunately, just being told “Do this” or “Do that” doesn’t work because we have a whole unconscious mindset that is keeping us from the changes we want to make.  Fortunately, there are evidence based techniques for helping people become the person they want to be.  The coaching process meets you where you are and with you in control, helps you be who you want to be in a fun and painless way!  

As your coach, my purpose is to show you the steps that help move you forward and to provide accountability and feedback on your journey.  I am not a coach that will yell or blow my whistle at you, instead I will help you to find your strengths and the values that propel you forward for a stronger body and mind.  

So that you can feel comfortable about coaching and your coach, this free 20 minute consultation is provided so that you can understand how the coaching process works and how it can benefit you.

20 minutes, No cost

During this first 1 hour session you will have the opportunity to express your needs and preferences and will work with Abby to develop an individualized plan for your progress. Complex cases (diet plans, review of nutritional/medical testing, individual supplement recommendations) may be charged additional fees based on time spent.

60 minutes, $250

As you grow in confidence and motivation, Abby will provide you with information, expertise, and accountability along your journey. Follow up for complex cases may be charged additional fees based on time spent.

30 minutes, $125

3 Month Follow-Up Package: $600 (save $150) – 6 visits

6 Month Follow-Up Package: $1,200 (save $300) – 12 visits