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COVID seems like it will be around for awhile.  I recently attended a “Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Flu update presented by Nikita Katz, M.D., Ph.D.  Here are some of the pertinent points and some resources for those interested.


  • The Delta variant has a 10x increase in viral replication (compared with 1.5 for the HIV virus), which is why it is so infectious.
  • Substance abusers who were vaccinated had more breakthrough infections, hospitalizations and deaths.
  • 41% of adults in the US were deficient in vitamin D (<29 ng/ml) (Blacks, Hispanics and those with low HDL cholesterol are especially at risk)


  • Booster dose was not associated with an increase in adverse events.
  • 71% reported systemic reactions, similar to rates after second dose
  • Moderna was most reactive with systemic issues
  • No reaction is not a problem.  This could possibly mean you have had previous exposure to other corona viruses.  
  • Getting the Johnson + Johnson first and then a mRNA vaccination had good results.
  • He feels that those with myocarditis reaction may be because the vaccine was injected directly into a vein and suggests the vaccine administrator pull back the plunger to make sure the vaccine is in muscle and not the blood stream. 
  • He recommends having follow-up injections in a different site to prevent local hypersensitivity.  


  • Better to abstain 3 days after vaccination from alcohol to prevent lessening the effect.
  • There was a better immune response after vaccination with support from vitamin A supplements, zinc, mushroom derived beta-glucans, and lycopene (tomato, watermelon and pink grapefruit – be careful of grapefruit’s impact on medication absorption).  
  • The natural immunity declined faster in males than in females.  
  • Recommended to abstain from strenuous activity for one week after vaccination to prevent decrease in immunity. 


  • Recommendations for vitamin D are 1500 to 2000 iu for adults, and obese persons will require 2-3 times more as this is a fat soluble vitamin which will collect in the fat tissue.
  • Curcumin ( the active ingredient in the spice turmeric) blocks inflammation and is a safe therapeutic option to prevent post-COVID blood clots.  It is most effective when cooked with oil or taken with ginger.
  • Apple cider vinegar and butyric acid (made by gut organisms when we eat a high fiber diet) interferes with virus ACE-2 binding.  Beneficial for those with metabolic syndrome or obesity.
  • Vitamin C up to 2000 mg is safe, but higher doses might be required for the critically ill except for those with certain conditions.
  • Omega-3 fats suppress chronic infections and up-regulate cellular immunity. 
  • He has upgraded the herb Andrographis from ‘maybe helpful’ to ‘likely helpful’.  60-100 mg three times a day for moderate COVID.
  • Oregano was listed as ‘likely helpful’ as it is an antimicrobial against viruses.  Garlic (allicin) also inhibited viral replication.
  • Masks (N95), UV lights, and UV illumination air purifiers were effective in preventing infection.  

Here is a resource on nutrients to prevent COVID-19 from the Institute for Functional Medicine: