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Abby Kurth



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What would it be like to feel fit instead of frustrated, or to have lab results that make you and your doctor smile? Learn why Wellness is More Than Weight.

Chances are if you are trying to improve your health on your own, you are feeling confused or frustrated.

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An apple a day can keep the doctor away.   BUT sometimes more is needed.  You may need extra nutrients because of genetic issues, or if your body is depleted in nutrients due to special challenges.  

People often ask me, “Will X nutrient help me?”  My answer is always, “If you need that nutrient it will help.  It never hurts to take that nutrient and see what happens. BUT, it is important to get quality nutritional formulas or you may not get the results you would like.’’

I wanted to make professional-grade supplements available so that you can avoid poor-quality supplements and actually get the improved health you want.   And to keep your wallet from feeling sick, I wanted to offer these quality supplements at a discount.  

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