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Day Three 

Intermittent fasting is in my genes.  I looked today at a DNA panel from Genomix that I ran on myself related to female hormone function and clearance.  Interestingly, one of the lifestyle recommendations for me based on my genetics was fasting 12-15 hours per day.  The lab was founded by Dr. Kendall Stewart in Austin, and I know that he and other neurologists recommend at least a 12 hour fast, but I had never considered a longer fast than from dinner to breakfast (about 12 hours).  Interesting to see that the approximately 16 hour fasting period I am doing is a helpful lifestyle practice.  

Day Four:  I was happy to fast in the morning as I had gone to a Les Dames D’Escoffier event the night before.  This group of ladies in the food, fine beverage, and hospitality fields do great work raising money for scholarships and businesses that are striving to benefit in the field of food sustainability, as well as providing support to green initiatives in San Antonio. 

For the event, we were to read “My Kitchen Year” and make a recipe from the book.  I am a member, but I do NOT belong in their league as far as cooking.  These ladies are amazing cooks and I ate way too much.  My stomach was happy to skip breakfast.