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Celebrate “Senior Fitness Day” and learn how to move more with this excerpt from Sick and Tired, to Healthy and Inspired: 9 Steps to Prevent Lifestyle Related Diseases.

Establish a fit-person mindset.

The strategies we talked about for healthy eating apply for exercise as well.

Make your list of pros and cons. Decide why you’d like to exercise (to keep up with your friends without getting out of breath, etc.). Identifying your reasons for not wanting to exercise will help you discover the lies your mind is telling that keep you from moving forward. One lie that keeps people from exercising is, “I’m too old.” Remember my sixty-one-year-old friend who swam from Alcatraz Island to San Francisco? When you say, “I can’t,” that becomes true for you; when you say, “I can,” that becomes true for you.

Imagine yourself as a fit person. Envision yourself being strong and active. Maybe you’ll never be an Olympiad, but it takes no physical effort to let your mind go wild. Envision yourself doing something you’ve always wanted to try but never could imagine.

Learn about the benefits of exercise. Here are a few to keep in mind:

Benefits of Exercise -Move More for Muscles and Bones

  • Muscle strength: Be able to open a jar or walk with your friends without embarrassing yourself.
  • Flexibility: Be able to bend over to touch your toes, or get up from the floor without groaning and sounding like an old person.
  • Stronger joints, ligaments, and tendons: Walk like a model, not with a hobble.
  • Less injury: Spend your weekends doing fun things, not laid up with an ice pack on your knee.
  • Prevent osteoporosis: Be an elder whose strong bones let them stand tall. Heart and Blood Vessels
  • Efficient heart rate: Do regular activities without your heart pounding and without panting.
  • Lower blood pressure: Skip the pills.
  • Blood supply and oxygen: Make your muscles happy by giving them what they need to work well.
  • Lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides: Make your doctor happy.
  • Raise high-density lipoproteins (HDL): Let your body do the work of getting rid of the fat from the arteries by increasing this healthy cholesterol.
  • Reduce risk of heart disease: Skip the pills, enjoy life, and save your family from having to care for you or lose you before your time. Bodily Function
  • Strengthen immunity: Forget sick time and enjoy feeling good.
  • Aid digestion and elimination: Forget anti-acids and laxatives. Spend your money on something fun.
  • Increase endurance and energy: Feel ready to enjoy life and (since sex sells) enjoy a healthy sex life.
  • Increase lean muscle and burn fat: Be more attractive to that special someone and prevent diabetes in the process. Decrease inflammation by reducing fat tissue.

Mental Function – Move more for happiness

  • Release pent-up feelings: Instead of telling off the boss, burn it off.
  • Mental outlook and self-esteem: Get your feel-good chemicals from exercise instead of a prescription bottle.
  • Relaxation and sleep: A good night’s sleep is conducive to weight loss.
  • Enjoy more satisfying sex: Attitude enhances experience. See how many of these are important to you and remember them as you increase your “want power.”

Regardless of your age, let’s all learn to move more and celebrate Senior Fitness Day every day!

Need some ideas on how to make it a habit to ‘move more’? Keep reading.