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Wellness is more than weight

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I want to help you avoid the pain of preventable diseases and do it in a  way that helps you feel proud, successful, and empowered. If you haven’t been successful in the past, it’s not your fault. I can show you the techniques that help you.

Think different. Choose different. Feel different. For life!

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Wellness is More Than Weight

This is the only book that allows you to be your own health coach. And you’ll learn easy ways to make lifestyle habits last.

What will Wellness is More Than Weight do for you?


Help you understand your WHY, which will give you motivation


Make clear WHO you want to be and how to become that person


Tell you exactly WHAT you can do in easy, simple steps to have more energy and prevent disease


Explain HOW to make tiny, easy changes that deliver big results


Hello, I’m Abby

I  love to see people feeling better, with more energy, and with lab results that show they are moving away from diseases like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etc.

My book, Wellness is More Than Weight came about because the people I coached made such amazing progress that I wanted to give you an easy, step-by-step guide to get the same results.  So even if you don’t have access to a health coach, you can make long-lasting, life-saving healthy habits.

I am a self-admitted nutrition nerd.  Though I was always fascinated with nutrition, a post-viral chronic fatigue that couldn’t be helped by the medical profession, prompted me to find my own answers with nutrition. I’m here to tell you that nutrition is a powerful healing tool.

My husband and I live in San Antonio, Tx, and like to ride bikes or Vespas, travel, and help our community and church.  We have adult twins and a rowdy cat named Elvis.

praise for
wellness is more than weight

Straightforward information and path to better health

“Abby Kurth lays out a thorough (but not boring!), clear, and practical guide on how to improve our lifestyle through systematically looking at the areas of our lives where we have deviated from the path to good health. She provides excellent information about general health and most importantly, a plan to not only get healthy but also suggestions on how to stay there, which to many of us is the trickiest part. Excellent resource for ALL of us on a journey to better health which leads to a better life!” 


Straightforward and achievable

“Mrs. Kurth has laid it all out for us. This book is an easy read and it’s presented in small chunks with very straight forward concepts and exercises. If you’ve ever come up with a reason why you can’t improve your health, Abby has a counterpoint that will ring true!”   

Patrice M

This book is the HOW of getting healthier. It combines science and common sense.

“I highly recommend this for patients, healthcare providers and anyone that wants to make a positive change for their future health.”  

Wendy Crabbe, Nurse Practitioner APRN-BC, and Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach


“I found this book to be very easy to read. The guidance for me thinking differently and all help me change my habits to sustainable and attainable! This book is not a one size fits all, but tailored to what works with my lifestyle. This is not a fad diet, but ways to be successful and think differently about my behavior. Thanks Abby for taking the time to write this great resource.” 

Donna V

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