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“No matter what I do, I can’t seem to lose weight.  Now that I’m older, it’s hopeless.”  I can relate to that statement and so I was excited when I saw that GX Sciences ( was soon to offer a panel geared toward weight issues.  I have been working with Dr. Kendal Stewart as a patient for over a year and I have seen tremendous improvement in my health issues. Unfortunately, I hear there is a long wait to see Dr. Stewart, but for people needing support for general healthy aging, I hope to use this tool with my clients who are interested.  

Here is more information from GX Sciences about the Diet & Wellness Panel that is to be offered, and you can leave me your contact information if you would like to be informed when the test is available. 


Inflammation, mitochondria, and methylation are three key areas of DNA testing for weight loss soon to be offered by GX Sciences that make up the genetic aspects of the weight loss equation. 

Low inflammation in the body is ideal for weight loss. Inflammation can be caused by allergies or other environmental factors. Since inflammation is a reaction from the immune system, the body interprets inflammation as the body being in crisis. In some, this may trigger fat to be stored in preparation for prolonged crisis. The body also seeing exercising as stress on the systems. Exercising while struggling with inflammation may even cause one to gain more weight. 

Mitochondria, the “powerhouse” of the cell, provides the body with energy from food. A greater number of mitochondria within cells can help develop a raised metabolism, aiding the burning of more calories and fat. If mitochondria isn’t properly receiving food or isn’t programmed properly, it’s difficult for one’s metabolism to operate at 100%. 

The body also needs to be methylating properly because methylation feeds mitochondria so that one can burn calories. Methylation is simply a biochemical reaction that allows processes in the body to move forward and has a great impact on making you happier, healthier, and makes the mitochondria help with weight loss by increasing energy use.  Folic acid and B-12 are the nutrients that support this process.  

These elements are further complicated by age, hormones, and more, but having knowledge of an individual’s biochemical pitfalls can help find ways to improve function.