Success Kit

After working with hundreds of clients I’ve found that people were making 3 mistakes when it came to their health. I’ve heard story after story of clients who wake up tired, step into clothes that are a little too tight, take medications for diseases that could be controlled with healthy habits, and drag off to work with an unhealthy breakfast that will leave them hungry and open to temptation in a few hours.

What I see happening is that they:

Mistake #1:     Resolve to change everything at once

Mistake #2:  Think about a temporary diet instead of adopting an eating plan for life

Mistake #3:  Try to make changes without the proper motivation

The first step to getting off the vicious cycle is to get the knowledge and mindset that will help create success. That’s why I have developed the following tools:

BOOK: “Sick and Tired, to Healthy and Inspired: 9 Easy Steps to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases”

  • E-Book: $6.99
  • Paperback Book: $16.99


PACKAGE: Conquer Healthy Habits Success Kit

        $47 Includes:

  • E Book: “Sick and Tired, To Healthy and Inspired: 9 Easy Steps to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases “
  • 12 “How to Conquer Healthy Habits” e-mails to inform, guide, and inspire on topics such as how to shop, meal planning, recipes ideas, getting started with physical activity, stress management and more.
  • 15% discount on supplements through on-line store:
  • Sample 1 week meal plan. Choices include: Gluten free, vegan, diabetic, heart healthy, kid friendly, paleo, ketogenic, low carb, fast & healthy, budget, vegetarian, etc.
  • Access to health coaching with Abby Kurth, MPH, MS Nutrition, CCN


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  • Recommendations are available for many health conditions
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COACHING: Follow-up Coaching Package for 3 Months (6 visits)

  • $600 (Save $150)

COACHING: Follow-up Coaching Package for 6 Months (12 visits)

  • $1,200 (Save $300)