What I have LOST. I have lost and am losing bad habits, such as a sedentary life style. Because I have a goal to get out and move every day, and feel proud (and tan) when I achieve my goal … I have lost the pain in my lower back that I had from sitting all day. I have also lost my self-consciousness that I felt when I wear shorts while I’m out for my walks. I’m proud of what I’m doing to achieve a healthy life style and don’t really care what people may think of me while I’m doing it 

What I have LOVED: I LOVED having been offered and provided a health coach! Her name is Abby and she is one of the most supportive, productive wellness advocates I have ever met. She never criticized, she only listened and offered help and guidance tailored to the direction that I am going on my journey to wellness. 

I have GAINED a healthy respect and a ton of knowledge about myself, my body, and my lifestyle…. A.H.