Making lifestyle changes is easy………if you do it the right way.  I know many people (friends, family, clients) who don’t even want to try because they feel they will fail…again.  They suffer with diabetes, heart disease, and cancer and their family suffers with them.  But those who KNOW the right strategies can make changes easily and successfully.

KNOW*ledge*ABLE:  Intelligent and well-informed.

  • KNOW how to improve your health numbers (weight, cholesterol, glucose, etc.)
  • KNOW thyself – what is holding you back and what will move you forward
  • KNOW how to gain confidence and motivation to make lifestyle changes
  • KNOW what supplements will support your health
  • KNOW how to get started with physical activity, healthy eating, stress management, and/or tobacco cessation

If it wasn’t for Abby I wouldn’t have done so well. She was very friendly and knowledgeable. She made me feel comfortable.


What I have LOST. I have lost and am losing bad habits, such as a sedentary life style. Because I have a goal to get out and move every day, and feel proud (and tan) when I achieve my goal … I have lost the pain in my lower back that I had from sitting all day. I have also lost my self-consciousness that I felt when I wear shorts while I’m out for my walks. I’m proud of what I’m doing to achieve a healthy life style and don’t really care what people may think of me while I’m doing it 

What I have LOVED: I LOVED having been offered and provided a health coach! Her name is Abby and she is one of the most supportive, productive wellness advocates I have ever met. She never criticized, she only listened and offered help and guidance tailored to the direction that I am going on my journey to wellness. 

I have GAINED a healthy respect and a ton of knowledge about myself, my body, and my lifestyle…. A.H.