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About Me

Hello Health Seaker

Certified Clinical Nutritionist & Wellness Coach

“If asked what my life purpose is, I would have to believe that it is to help people learn and grow, especially as it involves their health and well-being.”

– Abby Kurth

Hello, I’m Abby and I am a health seeker like you.  My life fell apart when I developed post-viral chronic fatigue.  I went to doctor after doctor and, at that time, no one had an answer except to tell me that it must be in my head.  I realized it was up to me to find my own answers and nutrition was a big part of that.  

I’ve seen over and over again with clients that any health issue can at least be improved with nutrition.  If you think about it, everything the body does (repair, recovery, function) it does with nutrients so why not feed your body what it needs?  I’ve seen people get great results with other lifestyle habits like activity and managing stress as well.  

My favorite professional experience has been as a Certified Health and Well-being Coach talking with hundreds of people around the country.  The people I talked with were scared and even crying because they were heading toward health problems (diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.) or were lost because they didn’t know how to get started. 

As a Wellness Coach, I could help people understand themselves and find the habits that worked for them.  It made me happiest when the scared or frustrated became confident and proud.  The purpose of my book is to make this result available to everyone! 

Corporate wellness is an area where I worked for many years and enjoy seeing the impact it can make.   I continue to enjoy coaching employees individually or in a group, planning/strategizing wellness programs, coaching on health screening results, and giving educational seminars.  I have lifestyle-change tools for employees available at group pricing.